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Home Page

Welcome to Kingston Synagogue

Steeped in history, Kingston’s association with Royalty dates back to Anglo-Saxon times when seven kings were crowned here in the 10th century.

You will be assured of a warm welcome at our shul, the focal point and spiritual centre for our vibrant, friendly community of approximately 325 members, affiliated to the United Synagogue.

Latest News

Latest news and information

Laurence Kingsley is launching a new KSDS literary magazine and welcomes contributions. Articles should be longer than the 500-600 words typical of Chadashot articles. More information here

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis's post-Shabbat-UK letter

Ten-part cheder for 'grown-ups,' Wednesday evenings, beginning 5 November. 

Group! - the new KSDS children and youth monthly service programme (including special youth kiddush) - launched in September. 

Mammas and Bubbas (and Daddies too), Mondays, 10-12, in the Shul.

Mosaic Jewish Primary School in Wimbledon on Queensmere Road, SW19 is a cross-communal mixed school enabling children to "grow to their fullest potential as responsible and dedicated members of the Jewish community and of British society." The school's website provides comprehensive information: www.mjps.org.uk

Israel Update offers a comprehensive overview of news and views. The link to Israel Update is on the main menu. This week's entry (uploaded 13 November) has an excellent item on Henry Kissinger, but you will have to read to the very end to find it (no skimming or skipping allowed!). 

Streetwise is holding a session on 31 August in northwest London and will announce a session to be held in September.

Kosher Nosh Guide: http://noshguide.theus.org.uk

The Mums and Tots group has started!  Contact Rebbetzin Shoshana Landau.

An Archive of recent articles has a temporary home at the bottom of this column. Scroll down to see it.

Latest website articles

Article by Robert Liebman - original English version - that appeared in the Norwegian www.aftenposten.no on 19 November 2014. 

Ostrava newsletter #37, October 2014

Standing Up for British Jews is a Board of Deputies flyer.

S. London Community Support Service.

Dates for Your Diary: 30 August to 21 December, plus table tennis and Israeli dancing.

For November's "What's On in S London" (including What's On: Babies and Children)  and Kosher Food Outlets, click on Information in the main menu, then S London e-Bulletin or Kosher Food Outlets.

Some of our clubs and groups: Learn about the Kingston Jewish Day Centre (Riverside Club), Israeli dancing, the KYM Social Group, League of Jewish Women, Kingston WIZO and South London Israel Forum by selecting "Community" then "Clubs and Groups".


Three challah bake photos: here's one, here's another, and here's the third.

"A bit of pate?," Barbra Streisand rhetorically asks in Funny Girl, and answers, "I drink it all day." You won't find liquid-pate recipes in Treasured Recipes, KSDS's own cheder cook book, but for a mere tenner, you can delight in a wide array of tempting dishes. Contact Suzanne Phillips.  

(posted 16 August) VIDEO OF PANEL DISCUSSION For those who could not attend the talk in Wimbledon on Tuesday 5 August (Tisha B’Av), a video of the first 50 minutes is available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-tbyl5QFr8&feature=youtu.be (Editor's note: I watched this video and recommend it highly - worth the price of admission just to hear the moderator's response to Ahron Bregman's presentation. And if a video of the last 50 minutes surfaces, I will view that as well.)

4 August: Austerity Brunch photo-caption story.

(July 2014) “Children in the Ghetto”, a woodcut by Czech artist Helena Salichová, is on display in the Succah annexe adjacent to the Library. The woodcut was given to the KSDS Ostrava Group by Jan Svetlík, the Chairman and CEO of the Vítkovice Machinery Group.

(July 2014) KSDS contributes to Kingston Foodbank, June 2014.

(July 2014) Rabbi Samuel Landau's 29 June 2014 Induction: Chairman Martin Wolfson's Welcoming remarks; a United Synagogue report; photo album (21 pictures).

(June 2014) Kingston Ostrava Group Reunion, hosted by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in April 2014.

Ostrava Newsletter #36, added 25 June 2014, is in the Community section.

(June 2014) Sydney Assor's Tunisia trip.  

Barbecue 2014 photos: 


 PHOTO KSDS's crack Succah-makers are hard at work.




Service Times

Friday/Saturday 14/15 November Remembrance Shabbat

Sedra: Haye Soroh, Shabbat begins 3:58; ends 5:02

Friday/Saturday 21/22 November, Mevorachim Hachodesh (Blessing the New Moon)Sedra: Toledoth, Shabbat begins 3:49; Shabbat ends 4:54

Friday/Saturday, 5/6 December 2014, Sedra: Vayishlach, Shabbat begins 3:38, ends 4:46

Friday/Saturday, 12/13 December 2014, Sedra: Vayeshev, Shabbat begins 3:36, ends 4:46

Friday/Saturday, 19/20 December 2014, Sedra: Mikketz, Mevorachim Hachodesh (Blessing the New Moon), Shabbat begins 3:38, ends 4:47

Friday/Saturday, 26/27 December 2014, Sedra: Vayigash, Shabbat begins 3:41, ends 4:52

Thursday, 1 January 2015, Sedra: Fast of Teves, Shabbat begins 06:17, ends 4:50

Friday/Saturday, 2/3 Jan 2015, Sedra: Vayechi, Shabbat begins 3:48, ends 4:58

Sedra: Bolok 21:06 22:24
4/5 Jul 2014
Sedra: Bolok 21:06 22:24
4/5 Jul 2014
Sedra: Bolok 21:06 22:24

If you can help with Minyanim, please contact:
Sundays - Anthony Cowen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thursdays - Ian Patchick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.